Cover and 8 pages in Black+White Photography (No 286 – 2024).

In 14 short years, Mats Andersson has published over a dozen books and won numerous awards. He spoke to Charlie Thomas about his start in photography, how he arrived at his unique style, and what it takes to find your creative voice.

At first glance, it's hard to distinguish whether a Mats Andersson print is a painting or photograph. He blends the abstract with the surreal, resulting in landscape imagery that can simultaneously evoke feelings of unease, tranquillity, forbidding and calm. His style is instantly recognisable, a dark, gritty, analogue look with deep blacks, a rich grain structure and often plenty of motion, which contributes to his painterly style. It’s a combination that has seen him win countless wildlife photography awards, while his 13 published books speak to an enviable work ethic …

Mats Andersson sweden in Black + White Photography No 286 2024

Black+White Photography is respected for its quality writing, stylish design and compelling photographs. Highlighting quality contemporary monochrome photography, B+W covers a range of genres including documentary, portraiture, still life, landscape and street.
The magazine has featured interviews with leading figures, including Nick Brandt, Michael Kenna, Vanessa Winship, David Bailey, Sarah Moon and Michael Ackerman, as well as many other seminal and emerging photographers.
Launched in 2001, B+W informs, inspires and stimulates all levels of creative photographers working within the monochrome aesthetic. Inspiring and engaging readers to take their photography to the next level is at the core of the magazine’s ethos.

SWE. Ett av de stora fotomagasinen i England publicerar en av mina bilder på omslaget och har hela åtta sidor om mig och mitt bildskapande i årets första utgåva av Black+White Photography (No 286 – 2024).

Black+White Photography kommer ut med hela tolv nummer per år. Bland annat hade de Isa Marcelli på omslaget i nummer 281

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